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Are Project Management Skills Transferable?

Are Project Management Skills Transferable - Wellingtone PPM Recruitment

Yes! But employers sometimes struggle to look at candidates from outside their own industry. On the other hand, some organisations will proactively seek out candidates from other industries, particularly if theirs has low project management maturity.

The tools and techniques of project management are universal. A good project manager should be able to add value in any environment. Most project managers, however, bring some specific subject matter expertise with them so are in effect wearing two hats; the hat of the professional project manager and the hat of an expert in building bridges, installing IT systems, managing business process change or introducing a new product to market.

This subject matter expertise could be industry specific technical knowledge, but it can also project experience. For example, if you have run a business transformation project in one industry, then organisations in another industry will value that experience.

If you are looking to move industry then make sure your CV focuses on your transferable skills; your project management skills. Remove industry-specific jargon or detailed technical information from your CV. If this information is not relevant then it will be of no interest to the recruiter.

A candidate that has experience from different environments is more interesting, and having that depth of experience can only make you a better project manager.