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Wellingtone Special Projects Launches Unique Brexit Maturity Toolkit

Wellingtone Special Projects

Prepare your organisation for Brexit with this toolkit designed with guidance and advice from Professionals that make up the Special Projects Team.

On 20th June, Wellingtone Special Projects launched their new Brexit Maturity Toolkit to an audience of industry professionals and businesses most likely to be heavily affected by any form of a Brexit deal.

What is the Brexit Maturity Health Check

The aim of the toolkit is to enable enterprises to accurately assess their Brexit readiness maturity utilising a structured methodology. It is designed to provide a heat map of readiness across the whole enterprise, and with a graphical output of results it enables targeted remedial actions, saving valuable resources and money.

“Working closely with the team to design the Brexit Maturity Toolkit has been an enjoyable challenge, as we are constantly working with a moving target, however I believe that we have created something that is truly unique, that will deliver significant benefit to SME’s, Public Bodies and Corporate Institutions alike!” Gordon Dewar-McKay – Director, Wellingtone Recruitment

A standardised approach ensures that objective actions are taken and helps to remove the emotive elements from this complex event.

Wellingtone Special Projects Event June 2019 - Brexit Health Check Launch

Who are Wellingtone Special Projects

They are a selective group of highly-skilled and experienced Project & Programme Management (PPM) Professionals, who have aligned together to to deliver complex and niche projects & programmes of work across all disciplines. They are designed to be agile in delivery and highly cost-efficient.

They have worked together to design a unique Brexit readiness Maturity Toolkit, which accurately presents a graphical heat map of key weaknesses across the whole enterprise and facilitates a targeted resolution action plan.

Addressing the challenges ahead

With the uncertainties ahead, our team of experts have put together a solution that allows positive actions to be undertaken in preparation for the 31st October deadline, thus enabling the opportunity to gain a competitive edge, in what will become a minefield of uncertainty

Examples from the Brexit Health Check Report

Benchmark Radar Example from Brexit Health Check

Brexit Maturity Health Check Assessment - Wellingtone Special Projects

Let us help you take the Brexit uncertainty out of your business, please get in touch.