Contract & Interim Project Management Recruitment

Projects by nature require temporary structures, so project management contractors are the obvious choice for organisations that would like to keep long-term head count down.

Interim & Contract candidates are particularly useful when your organisation needs to recruit someone in a short amount of time to manage a project or programme that requires specialist knowledge that your organisation does not possess.

Contractors will typically work on either a day rate basis or on a salaried fixed term contract.

If working on the day rate principle, the contractors will generally have their own limited company or will be represented by an Umbrella Company. In this situation, our fee is based upon the day rate.

If however you would prefer to utilise a contractor on a fixed-term salaried basis, our fee is based upon the initial 12 month ‘annual’ salary which would be prorated. For example:

  • Your company recruits a contractor for a fixed-term of 6 months
  • The standard annual salary would be £50,000
  • The prorated salary is £25,000 and this is the figure that our fee would be based upon.

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