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How to Build Your Project Dream Team

How to Build a Project Dream Team - Wellingtone PPM - Specialist Project Recruitment

A successful team comprises of people with the right skills and strengths working together to reach a common goal to fulfil the tasks. Project team members will include Sponsors, customers, partners, and individual contributors.

Picking the right project team isn’t an easy thing to do and it takes the bravest PM to take on the task. I use the word ‘brave’ because Project Managers tend to get the blame for pretty much everything that goes on in a project.

If you’re a long-standing member of staff, congratulations! You’ve just made this task a heck of a lot easier. Why? Because unlike a ‘newbie’ you will have knowledge the different resources and departments.

It pays to put in the time and effort into making the correct project team, questions to ask about the project before you start are:

  • What are the key objectives of the project?
  • What are the deadlines for each task?
  • Will team members be working independently or will they be managed by another employee?
  • Are there any limitations on availability or budget?
  • Identify the soft and hard skills needed

Pick the right person with the right skills

Put it this way, if you need someone with design skills, you’re not going to pick Brian from accounts are you? You want a team whose skills complement each other and not overpower them or cause issues. If you neglect this part and pick someone based on friendship or personality, it could spell out disaster for the project.

If you have connections in different departments, utilise them. Get of your computer and go and talk to them face to face. Find out who they would personally recommend for your project and why.

Meet with them

I know most Project Managers are busy, BUT if you do have time, try to conduct some informal interviews. This is your chance to delve deeper into their skills and character traits and get to know them better.

Communicate your expectations

Before starting the project, make sure you clearly state what your expectations are from people for this project. Try not to move too far from these when the project is in full swing, people won’t take to this very comfortably.

Outline any further requirements from people, for example, if your project requires overtime at certain points, bring this up now rather than later as it may be an issue for some people, especially those with family.

Question time

Set aside some time before the project to answer any questions your project team may have. Encourage them to openly ask as many questions as possible, this will.

Use a Project Management Tool

Project management software allows you to create and run projects. Using a tool like Project Online can allow you to set up a resource pool of every human and material resource. You can search for resources based on their skills and availability. No more working from different spreadsheets.