Recommend a Friend

If you recommend a family member or friend for one of our project management jobs and they are successfully placed, you could receive up to £500 in vouchers.

As part of our relationship with the Association for Project Management (APM), we work with Project Professionals, helping them to develop their careers. Having awareness of new vacancies that go live is one way of achieving this and is why we run our candidate referral scheme.

If a candidate (the referee) mentions you as their referrer when first registering with us, and we successful place them in a contractor or permanent role within 3 months then we pay a referral fee to you as follows:

We pay out in John Lewis vouchers. If you would prefer payment to go to a registered UK charity of your choice, we will make an equivalent cash donation.

Salary of Contract Rate John Lewis Vouchers
Up to £50,000 annual remuneration package or £500 per day contract rate £250
+£50,000 annual remuneration package or +£500 per day contract rate £500

Terms & Conditions

  • The Referee must make Wellingtone aware by email that they have been referred, and by whom, at the time of their first registration with Wellingtone.
  • Wellingtone must not already have received details of the referee prior to the referral or have the candidate on the Wellingtone database for the referral fee to be payable.
  • A placement must be made within 3 months of the referral being made. Any placement after 3 months will not be eligible for payment of a referral fee.
  • The responsibility remains with the Referrer to contact Wellingtone to claim their referral fee.
  • Payment of the referral fee will be made to the Referrer once the Referee has been placed in a new role and they have successfully passed their probationary period.
  • Eligibility for this offer is at Wellingtone’s discretion and our decision is final.
  • This promotion is not open to employees of Wellingtone.
  • This scheme is effective from 01/06/2015 and Wellingtone reserves the right to terminate the scheme at any time.
  • Wellingtone refers to Wellingtone Recruitment Limited and Wellingtone Limited.